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…was a smash. The Brass Liberation Orchestra came and played their hearts out, and the whole thing turned into an all out dance party on the sidewalk. Check out a video of the BLO-out here. And we even taught five people how to crochet!

Stay tuned for more photos, video, and NEWS FOOTAGE. Hell yeah, KRON 4.

We love you, San Francisco.

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KNIT-IN for Sidewalks are for People Day!   Leave a comment

December 18th is a Sidewalks are for People Day, a city-wide event in San Francisco celebrating communal use of public space, especially after the anti sit/lie law goes into effect the day before.

What a perfect day for Knit the Clit! We will be having a Knit-In on the sidewalk in front of the Pickle Jar. Come sit and knit! Or crochet! We will have yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, probably a couch, and definitely lots of friendly people!

Don’t know how to knit or crochet and always wanted to learn how? Now’s your chance! We will happily teach you.

Plus, we may even have a crazy guest performance by the BRASS LIBERATION ORCHESTRA!!!

Saturday, December 18th
1PM to 4PMish

Oh, and of course, the yarn vulva will be participating proudly on the gate.

If you have any questions or want to know where to find us, email us at!

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Mendocino, October 8th-November 2nd   Leave a comment

The vulva has made her inaugural voyage out of San Francisco! She is hanging out in Mendocino in the Soulful Abundance Show put on by FLOCKworks at Odd Fellows Hall. She is also hanging with another piece by the Art Night Collective, The Web, which is an interactive altar for Dia de Los Muertos. Here a couple of photos from the show!

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Big Umbrella Studios, July 2nd   Leave a comment

Last Friday, we showed the vulva at Big Umbrella Studios! We set up a cushy knitting circle with pillows, tools, and yarn, and invited the show’s attendees to sit and knit. We taught some folks how to crochet for the first time, and a couple of our new collaboraters even taught us how to finger-knit! The show is up through the end of the month. Here are some photos of the opening:

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Divisadero Art Walk, June 3rd   Leave a comment

The Vuvla’s debut was at the Divisadero Art Walk on June 3rd in San Francisco. We hung it up on the gate of The Pickle Jar at Divisadero and Oak.

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The Project: Knit the Clit   Leave a comment

Six months ago at a Divisadero Art Walk, a member of the then nascent Revel Art Collective suggested that we join forces to knit an enormous vulva out of yarn and display it on the street. It debuted at the following Art Walk on the gate of The Pickle Jar, where we encouraged passers-by to become participants and interact with the vulva. This collaborative project celebrates not only the complexity of the human form and our varied reactions to it, but the incredible beauty and power of many hands working together to create a piece of art.

We invite you to participate in the collaborative, ongoing, evolving process that is the Knit the Clit Project. Over forty hands have done so already. We want your feedback, your impressions, your words, your photos, your experience, and handiwork. Be creative! Just because we have knit and crocheted thus far doesn’t that you have to. This is an ongoing process that is flourishing as more hands get involved.

How can you participate?

E-mail contributions of the digital variety—
photos, thoughts, questions, greetings to:


Actually knit the clit! You can send us your handiwork in the mail!
Contact us at for the address.

And if you’re local in SF, maybe we can hang.

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